so long, farewell

remember the sound of Music? one of my favourite movies ever!! Hence the title anyways.
Dusting cobwebs here .

Today earth swallowed a genius. it didn’t do it on purpose. .I swear.
it’s just that we carved some wood and put him in then dug a hole on the ground and buried him.
That genius was a cool,level-headed introvert we thought we’d known for 5 years . With witty sarcastic humour that was bound to crack everyone up, he fit right in to medical school. maybe that was how he got away with so many skeletons unbeknownst to any of us..his friends.
counselling didn’t seem to help either. now that I think of it, and MSE exam would have been more appropriate. There’s so many things we could have done that we didn’t. It is what it is right now. There’s little else we can offer.
Goodbye Mash.
I wish you were there today to see all the people who showed up to see you off. would it have chabged your mind? Or would life still make no sense to yiu?


I never imagined that anyone could pull an “anatomy handle” till today. I find it rather creative that some tweep calls himself Kiewicz..
For all who are not in the zone, this is adapted from the grand segmental artey that happens to supply the lumbar spinal cord, the Artery of Adam Kiewicz WikiHelp

The idea of a poem stemmed from this.



“Fascinatingly unmissable,
yet creeping on a wall,

determined on a given path,
to supply them all,

Seemingly unaware of his significance,

Simply serving with us in concormitance.

His belly dances from side to side,

With an air of apparent authority;
As a chief with wives as many as his abundant flock.

He never gets hungry
For he is ever fed to his fill
He never gets tired
His duty always to fulfill

He walks on majestically for all to admire,
An aura as such no one can match.

He is indeed the major
And we – just the other
For he is magna.”

From the perspective of another radicular artery.

P.s,who said anatomy has to be boring anyways???

“It’s really a wonder that I haven’t
dropped all my ideals, because they
seem so absurd and impossible to
carry out. Yet I keep them, because in
spite of everything, I still believe that
people are really good at heart.”
― Anne Frank , The Diary of a Young

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Top 10 tell-tale signs : OCHA

This is a guide to telling the shambastukaz and shagmodoz in the city…and also for the urban folks who don’t know just where they are..
1. The nearest urban centre is a town. Don’t get me wrong,it may be as big as E-town or as backward as G-town. If you are still floating after reading this, wewe ni mshao..and nope! I will not take it back.

2. As you walk around,you’ll probably see some hairstyles that you’ve put some months back…and if you are lucky, you’ll see it abundance… If you do have the style and spot it  on three mamaz along your way, kindly walk into the nearest I.C.U..cuz yuz a R-U-M!!!! Especially if you and your BFF have the same style..yiiiiikes

3. If the population of animals surpasses that of humans..hehe
Go say hi to grandma. Tell her you miss her.
Ps. Not all bipedal organisms are humans…Beware!!!

4.Mother-tongue. If there’s a lot of free-flowing exchange of the nashono raguej or the nasono languange or whatever else….

5. When a 14 seater Mat fills 21 persons and terms like sambaza are in use, then that certainly isn’t urban. A bonus is when the “mat” has no single upgrade and the stations being tuned are very foreign…you have never heard of their existence.

6. The outfits..Let’s face it,standing out isn’t cool. Unless it is christmas or April fools, cuz it get’s worse on Valz..please don’t dress to kill on 14th Feb..It is a no-go zone…
Standing out in the jungle/city= Something wrong
Standing out in the shamba/town= something wrong
Either way, when you know what you are doing,you’ll dress for the occasion..

My point,kaa unastand-out juu nguo zako ni rare…uko ocha.

7. It takes 15 minutes or more to get to a tarmac road on foot..or you use a boda to get to a stage before you go to tao.

8. KTN,NTV and/or Citizen are the only channels that are available on telly (if they even get tuned).
This is only Minus cable by the way.

9. Network proboz ..although this daen always apply. Some of us still get on trees to get coverage. On this point, if no one around you knows what Wi-Fi is…or refer you to tao..

10. If someone picks up a phone and yells out loud such that you can make out the entire conversation and this occurence is repeated with different individuals,well….

If you still don’t think uko ocha,na ukishuka kwa stage uliengulfiwa na a cloud of dust….you are a blonde.

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Little read writing book

There’s a grande book each one of us has. One that we write on daily.
Mine is thick, with many volumes. Writing on it for me, is almost a hobby.
I haven’t seen it though,no one has.
For some, the writing never stops.
Yet for others it is seldom written on.
At times I wonder whether mine is like a series, linked by the flowing storyline running through the pages.
I have read it once or twice. I must say, on those few occasions, I didn’t have to write on the book for a while.

The book is a record of all the times we miss the mark. Whenever we sin and fall short of the glory of God, our minds run a CC of the sin.
We read the book when we reflect on the sins and seek forgiveness for them.

The existence of this book is as  virtual as the existence of conscience.

I would like to think it as the little red writing book for that is exactly what it is.

How is yours like? Only you can read it……and stop the writing for a while.

Erasing is not our call. However,it can be done. By nothing other than the precious blood of the lamb. Faith is the driving force for the gotta have it.

So, how often do you admit your wrongs and seek forgiveness?

What is your book like? Is it a best-seller?

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The greatest is love

“I believe that imagination is stronger
than knowledge. That myth is more
potent than history. That dreams are
more powerful than facts. That hope
always triumphs over experience.
That laughter is the only cure for grief.
And I believe that love is stronger than
― Robert Fulghum , All I Really Need
to Know I Learned in Kindergarten